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For the past three years I have been the marketing communications manager for Bostik. The team I have built has grown to support the US, Canada and Mexico. My responsibilities include graphic design, literature, packaging, videos, photography, sales tools, trade shows, websites, project management, budgeting and more.

We have developed a brand that is consistent globally and have set the standard within the organization for response time and quality of work. My team is recognized throughout our organization for being one of the strongest departments. I find it very rewarding to be able to see my staff develop their skills, their confidence and their professional growth. I owe all of my success to their hard work, dedication and support.


Amplify Your Message
With PR and Social Media

Chris Eichman Studios social media 01

Cars 2 World Premiere

Partnering with Disney Pixar's Cars2, Rayovac supported retail sales with PR and social media. Rayovac's total unit sales were up 30% at Walmart with Cars 2 promotions versus the previous week. Promotional support included:

Client Recomendations

"Chris has been wonderful to work with. He has really taken Social Media to the next level for Rayovac. He does all the day to day interaction with the Facebook fans keeping them engaged at all times. When I first started working with Chris, Rayovac did not have a Facebook page created. Within one year I watched him take Rayovac's fan page to 130K fans and collect over 50K email addresses. Chris continually thinks of creative ways to engage and reward Rayovac's new and loyal fans. He does this through all types of social media outlets: Twitter, Rayovac's Website, Blogger outreach, and much more! I would recommend Chris's work to anyone!" - Lindsay Goodman, Director of Client Services, Shoutlet

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Rayovac Teams Up with
Steve Spangler Science

When it comes to inspiring and motivating teachers to perform at their peak level, Steve Spangler is top on the list. That's why Rayovac – a leading manufacturer of batteries and pioneer in advancing battery technology - is teaming up with Steve Spangler Science and his team of award-winning teachers to send three teachers to Spangler's hands-on science institute called Science in the Rockies, July 6-8, 2011.

To kick of the launch of Rayovac's Science and Technology site this contest invited friends, family and teachers to write essays nominating outstanding K-6 science teachers. The contest resulted in over 1,000 essay entries!

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Chris Eichman Studios social media 01

Rayovac on Facebook

Within one year, Rayovac's Facebook page added 130,000 fans and collected 55,000 email addresses. To jump start the page, a $3 coupon was offered on a tab. Rayovac saw a 30% redemption rate with their online coupons. After one weekend the Six Flags giveaway recieved over 10,000 entries.

I helped manage the day-to-day interaction with the fans providing fun relevant content. To make the page more engaging, I constantly added new apps, FBML tabs, and sharable widgets.

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Rayovac Power Bloggers

Rayovac's Power Bloggers have helped to increase brand awareness and create excitement around their products. Consisting of several influential mom bloggers they are able to engage with Rayovac's target market with a personable message.

Typical blog posts include product reviews, tips, promotions and fun videos. Visit the following blogs and see for yourself:


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Rayovac on Twitter

Twitter can drive traffic. By following deal seekers and value conscious moms, one mention of coupons can generate as many as 40,000 prints in one day.

Twitter parties generate thousands of tweets and retweets about Rayovac. One example was the "Rayovac Powers your Snow Day Giveaway". Tweets included a virtual snowball fight, storm tips and quiz questions about Rayovac. Random participants received $50 gift cards. The 2 hour event increased followers by 30% and #rayovac made its first ever appearance as a top-5 trending topic worldwide. Read more about the campaign on Mashable, Talent Minded and MommyGoggles.

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HTML Emails

Rayovac's rapidly growing email database has allowed them to keep in touch with consumers, promote sweepstakes, and provide educational product information.

Advertized through multiple platforms the iPad promo added 80,000 Facebook fans within 4 weeks.

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Chris Eichman Studios social media 05

30 Day Giveaway

The objective was to create a viral buzz around the "Rayovac Powers Your Summer Contest". With the use of Twitter and blogger outreach consumers were directed to the Rayovac website and Facebook page.

Sharable widgets were integrated into the contest site resulting in 170 bloggers posting about the contest. The sign-up app received 34,107 impressions over 30 days and captured 6,333 new email addresses.

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Ride Along on the Indestructible Tour!

See the new Rayovac Indestructible lights put to the test for toughness, reliability, and brightness at every stop on our American journey. The Indestructible Tour explores the fabric of America while putting the toughest tools to the test. It's a road trip that will share the stories of some of the hardest working people out there. Along the way it will put Rayovac Indestructible Lights through the kind of hard work these folks do every day.

This has been an exciting experiment using as many social tools as we can. Flicker, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, blogs, www.rayovac.com, a streaming live cam and more. The tour has been a team effort between our in-house creative dept. and a crew of great photographers/adventurers. The launch of this product has generated thousands of great photos, videos and excitement among consumers. The followings sites comment on the tour Ragan, Socialmedia, Ubergizmo.

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UtraPro Industrial Newsletter

The Rayovac Ultra Pro Quarterly is packed with valuable information and links to keep customers informed. Each edition features a Product Showcase and Quarterly Promotion to drive sales and encourage repeat business. The Industrial team has been working hard to to increase leads with their B2B market by building an impressive email database .

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Great Websites
Generate Traffic

Chris Eichman Studios web design 01

Amy E. Arntson

Amy E. Arntson's website was developed to feature her paintings in an online gallery. Several blogs have since reviewed her work helping to generate an impressive amount of traffic. Once at the site visitors are greeted by a stunning array of watercolor paintings. The interactive flash elements encourage users to preview her art in a playful way that easily allows them to enter the site for more information.


“How can I choose only a few attributes to describe Chris Eichman? His work from concept to final output is excellent. Chris designed and implemented my professional website. He created several complex illustrations for two nationally distributed art/design books I've written. As an artist and university professor, I deeply value his creativity. Chris is a delight to work with. He is smart and always very quick with his appropriate and well thought out solutions. He is the best.” - Amy E. Arntson, Artist & University Professor

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Chris Eichman Studios web design 02

Remington Lights

Remington Arms is a well-established brand of sporting good products. Remington flashlights are the newest addition to their product line. I built this website in flash to help compliment these high end lights and show off their features.

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Chris Eichman Studios web design 03

Style With Cindy

Remington-products.com has a very extensive product catalog. Their marketing team wanted something that was much more consumer friendly, so the Tstudio site was developed to provide more information, showcase the products, and provide style tips. Originally meant as a stand alone microsite, it evolved into eight different product lines. Although each line required unique packaging graphics, I conformed them to a template I created to give the website consistency.

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Chris Eichman Studios web design 04


Chris and Ellie had a fall wedding in the botanical gardens. They wanted the imagery to reflect the time of year with a fun, classy look and feel. Included with the website was matching save the dates, invites, rsvp's, programs and table cards.

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Chris Eichman Studios web design 05


The relaunch of this site incorporated an updated CMS, faster load times, improved SEO, and integrated social elements. I am continually updating the content on this site to make sure it is fresh, current and relevant.

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Printed Items

Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 01

Rayovac Battery Packaging

Working with a team of graphic designers we redefined the Rayovac logo and packaging. The end result created a unified look across the entire brand. This allowed for a strong presence on shelf that contributed to a growth in sales. The development of the bold new alkaline graphics helped contribute to the success at retail. The fiscal year 2008 revenue plan was approximately $214M. Actual fiscal year 2008 revenue came in at $230M according to Copa Cubes.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 02

Spectrum Brands HR Ad

The Spectrum Brands human resources department prints ads in several magazines. They requested an ad that would represent the company and all of its brands as well as its diverse employee culture.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 03

Remington Rotary Shavers

I helped develop several structural concepts that eventually led to this "diamond" package. The goal was to allow as much of the product to show as possible. I did all of the production for the packaging and also developed all of the icons on the packaging.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 04

Kettle Moraine Symphony

This non-profit organization is a regional orchestra whose approximately 60 members come from 20 different communities in the Kettle Moraine area. To promote their concerts they were looking for eye catching posters. I designed a template that would make it easy to change out information and graphic elements from one show to the next.


"Chris has been phenomenal to work with. He is always very quick to send back ideas and designs, and is very understanding of the concepts I have given him to work with. He is very honest and reliable, not to mention creative. I have used his design work for many things, from art work for the Kettle Moraine Symphony to designing the logo and other items for my lessons studio to my wedding save the date cards. His work is extremely commendable - this is an easy recommendation to make." - Allison Schweitzer

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 05

Wind Lake Music

Wind Lake Music is a new lessons studio space in the Muskego area. As a start up company they needed a new logo, business cards, store front signage, website, print ads and direct mailing promotions. Since opening they have added over 6 teachers who work out of the studio!

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 06

Nick and Allison get hitched

Nick and Allison are tying the knot this summer. Both of them are bike fanatics. The tandem bike in the design was really representational of who they are. This theme carried through on the invites and website as well.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 07

Hearing Aid Battery Kit

This kit was developed as a sales tool to use when meeting with clients or at trade shows. It needed to showcase Rayovac packaging as well as batteries and hearing aids. I worked closely with an intern to help her develop a clean clinical look that would relate to the ads but still satisfy the above requirements. There was no budget for this project so for every step I needed to find creative ways to develop the final structure with a polished and professional presentation.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 08

Rayovac ProLine

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are the world's longest lasting batteries. When it came time to revamp the advertising style guide it was helpful to have several years of experience with this product line. I was able to develop a series of ads that touched on every major advantage Rayovac has over their competitors. The ads kept a clean clinical look since they were marketing to audiologists. Each ad utilized a lifestyle image that conveyed sound.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 09

Rayovac AAA Booth

AAA is the biggest audiologist convention of the year. To remain the number one hearing aid battery recommended by audiologists, a lot of effort is put into this show. Preceding the AAA show I created an ad campaign that focused on the new mercury free technology and packaging. I developed the booth graphics to follow ProLine's new environmental direction. I also created three videos that demonstrated the benefits of a mercury free product, as well as several handouts and fliers.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 10

Rayovac Retail Catalog

I was given 8 weeks to complete this catalog. To meet my deadlines I had to develop a template for the layout, create a concept for the cover, direct photo shoots for the packaging/products/lifestyles, and do all the production work involved with setting up and completing the catalog.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 11

Rayovac Industrial Catalog

Rayovac had not released an industrial catalog in ten years. I was given the task of designing and completing the 48-page catalog in 4 weeks. To meet these goals I was the art director for a team of three designers. Together we were able to design, photograph product, and have the catalog approved and ready for the printers on time and under budget.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 12

Rayovac Ultra Pro

Rayovac Ultra Pro is the number one selling industrial battery. This battery was reintroduced with a complete graphic redesign of the battery, packaging, and advertising. The main focus was to use bold claims to emphasize that Rayovac is the best selling battery in the market. A secondary goal was to help eliminate customizing every ad, but still be flexible enough for all of the sales materials.

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Chris Eichman Studios graphic design 13

Ultra Pro Kit

The development of the Industrial Ultra Pro rollout was a complete success with sales generating $983,000 of NEW annual revenue. The original program goal was to hit $350,000. Success was due to a solid product rollout including new battery graphics, an Ultra Pro toolbox mailer, new Industrial catalog, a complete image CD and a free product sample along with an Inside Sales prospecting blitz following up the mailing.

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